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Empower Your Self-Care Routine With These 3 Words

Empower Your Self-Care Routine With These 3 Words

When you’re trying to cultivate love for yourself by developing a self-care routine, it can be overwhelming at first. Where do you begin?

As is with most things, it starts within you—and, more specifically, in the ways you talk to yourself in your head.


It’s very easy to fall into the thought trap of “I’m not good enough” when something doesn’t go exactly as planned. Fortunately, that’s not even close to true. You can’t control the outcomes of any given situation more than you can control the weather; however, you can control what you say to yourself in those situations.

  • I did enough. Sometimes putting forth a great effort can still result in what feels like a loss—but losing is inevitable in life. Trust that what you give each day is enough, even when it might not feel like it.
  • I am enough. The world is tough, and it can make us feel as though who we are at our very core—our hobbies, our habits, our hopes—isn’t enough. That’s not true. Try starting (or ending) each day by repeating this and accepting where you are in that moment.


Having power is often misconstrued as something to be held over others. Not only is this not true, it is the exact opposite of what true power is: confidence in one’s self.

What can be tough is discovering where your personal power lies. When do you feel the most powerful and alive? What are you doing when you feel this way? Where are you?

If you can’t answer these questions yet, that’s okay. Each day, observe when, where, and what’s happening around the time you feel your own sense of authentic power rising toward the surface. Soon, you’ll be able to identify what makes you feel this way and use it to better care for yourself and, consequently, others around you.


There is no doubt a sense of magic that comes along with the word ‘believe,’ perhaps because we know just how hard it can be to do when it comes to certain things—but if you use the word to your advantage, not much can stop you.

  • I believe today will be a success. Even when things don’t go as planned, believing that there is success to be found in them can help you see the good in change.
  • I believe I am worth it. Whenever you’re questioning whether or not to do something for yourself that shows love or appreciation for who you are and what you need, repeat this mantra to discover the answer.

Use These Words Daily

By using all three of these words in your daily routine and making them a regular part of the way you speak to yourself, you will gradually begin to believe that your inner power is enough and cultivate more inner love than you might have expected.

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