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How Adding and Embellishing Self Care Baths Can Help Your Self Care Routine

How Adding and Embellishing Self Care Baths Can Help Your Self Care Routine

Finding the perfect self-care bath is akin to finding your favorite morning routine or cup of tea. It is an ordeal filled with trial and error, but worth the backlashes to find the best way to relax.

Taking care of yourself is an in-depth process, and the importance of a self-bathing ritual should not be ignored in that concept. Yet, how many of us actually take the time to diligently curate our self-care bathing rituals as diligently as we cultivate other aspects of our self-care?

A Two-For-One Way to Take Care of Yourself

In including baths into our self-care routines, it becomes a little too easy to stop doing them outside of once per month or after a stressful day.

But did you know that regular baths actually are good for your emotional and physical health?

According to The Cleveland Clinic, there are several health benefits to taking baths. These include:

  • Better physical and emotional health.
  • Improved physical relaxation.
  • Helps heal wounds and injuries.

The Basic Self Care Bath

Β It does not matter how you go about introducing baths into your self-care routine. However, here are a few general ideas to follow:

  • Ensure that you can soak for at least 10 minutes.
  • Use optimum temperatures (think of Goldilocks: not too hot and not too cold).
  • Make sure that during this time you either try to empty your mind, or bring/use something to relax you (like a book or your phone on a stand/the floor).
  • Use this time to be away from your daily routine/problems.

Ways to Improve Your Self Care Baths

If you have always wondered about those awesome bath bombs or fun body oils, now is the time to try a few to see how you like them.

When picking the add-ons, remember a few things:

  • Start with light fragrances or medicinal ingredients.
  • Remember to include thoroughly cleaning your tub throughout the week.
  • Start with one add-on at a time.

While add-ons are a great addition to self-care baths, be sure to do it in small doses if you have never used these products before.

You want to make sure that these items are actually relaxing for you, so testing them before buying in bulk is the best way to go.

Conclusion/Final Words/Final Thoughts/In Summary

Remember: self-care baths are to make sure that you feel rested and relaxed. Improve them in how your body and mind respond to best.

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