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How to Establish and Prioritize Time for Self Care

How to Establish and Prioritize Time for Self Care

Self care is often not practiced enough, and many people do not know how to instill self care habits in their daily routine.

It’s all about taking a moment or two each day to connect with oneself and find the ability to breathe throughout the chaos of each day.

Even on better days, our daily self care routine serves as meditation and provides a deeper sense of humility. Here are three tips that will help you establish and prioritize time for your self care.

1.  Spiritual Mornings Start the Day With Self Care

Starting your day by communicating and connecting with your God, higher power, the universe, or any spiritual entity is a great habit to develop on a daily basis.

This type of habit can be 5-10 minutes long and will help you become more focused and drawn toward your life’s purpose—your life’s destiny.

This type of spiritual connection and communication has the ability to revitalize your soul, helping you become more optimistic, enthused, and jubilant about the various aspects of your life.

When your spirit and soul become enlightened, your emotional and mental health improve as well.

2. Stretching Is a Timeless Self Care Habit

Stretching your body has nothing to do with being fit or unfit or being young or old. Stretching is about giving your body it’s much-needed rest and massage from all the strain and stress of your daily workload and activities.

Stretching is very meditative, and it’s an opportunity to calm down the mind while providing yourself with physical benefits that can stay with you as you get older. Try doing some yoga for about 10-15 minutes each day.

3.  Spend an Hour Each Day in Your Place of Sanctuary

Nothing is more important than your inner peace, and the one place where you can find your inner peace is by being in your place of sanctuary. This would be a place where you can express yourself as you like and feel at your happiest.

For instance, you might not be the next big musician, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t love music. Therefore, you should try to spend an hour a day listening to music or going to venues where you can enjoy the music, dance, and just be!

Your sanctuary is where your passion resides, but your passion won’t always be your profession. Just because you may not be a professional athlete doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sport.

Spending an hour playing your favorite sport recreationally or watching the sport on TV or at the stadium is very important for self care because you enjoy engaging with your passion and you shouldn’t feel the need to drift away from your sanctuary.

Final Words

To introduce self care into your life, you need to be aware of your daily routine. Your time management plays a huge role in your holistic health goals.

Practicing these habits even for short periods of time, such as 5 or 10 minutes, goes a long way to establishing lifelong self care.


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